creating images that are
warm + real + timeless + classic


Have you ever opened up your favorite magazine like Sunset, Better Homes and Gardens, O, or Joanna Gains’ Magnolia Journal and looked at the beautiful photos of women and families relaxed and in their element? Well, my friend, that is Lifestyle Branding at it’s best!

Lifestyle Branding goes beyond the traditional headshot (no deer in the headlights or bland backdrops here), and illustrates the heart of your business.

It’s no secret that marketing has evolved from product focused (buy!buy!buy!) to establishing a real and authentic connection with your audience. People want to know who is behind the products and services they are buying. They want to know WHY you do what you do and WHAT it would look like if they bought into your business. They want you to SHOW them, not tell them how great your business is … and that, is what Lifestyle Branding provides.


Frequently asked questions


  • If you are looking to grow your business by attracting and connecting with your ideal client, then Lifestyle Branding is for you.

  • If you find yourself always scrambling for images for social media and marketing, then Lifestyle Branding is for you.

  • If you are looking to learn how to brand their business and learn how to optimally market themselves on social media, then Lifestyle Branding is for you.

  • If you are a female entrepreneur who wants to show up as a professional resource in their industry, then Lifestyle Branding is for you.

  • If you want to want to look and feel beautiful and confident in your photos, then Lifestyle Branding is for you!


The uses for Lifestyle Branding images are endless, but let’s get specific!
My clients have used their images for:

  • Websites (no stock photos for you!)

  • Social Media Posts // Profile + Cover Images

  • Events

  • Podcasts

  • Email Marketing

  • Business Cards

  • Sharing Client Reviews

  • Marketing Materials

  • Company Directories

  • Power Point Presentations

  • Digital Products (eBooks + PDFs)

  • And yes … even your Christmas card!


One of the things I pride myself on as a photographer is knowing what it’s like to be in your shoes. I know what it’s like to be in front of the camera and the anxiety that comes when the camera is raised, your heart starts racing and your body freezes.

  • I know what it’s like to live with crippling body image insecurities and self doubt.

  • I know what it’s like to just need validation from a trusted source who will tell me “I am doing it right”

  • I know what it’s like to feel lost or not good enough.

  • I know what it’s like to want to feel beautiful.

But the good news is, I know how to combat all these feelings and make you feel like a rock star during your photoshoot. And that my friend, is one of the biggest things that sets me apart. I know exactly how to direct and encourage you through the whole experience. You will never wonder “what am I supposed to do with my hands?” or “do I look fat or have a double chin right now”? My job is to make you feel beautiful and confident in front of my camera and produce gorgeous images that truly capture the heart of who you and and your business.

And if you are still thinking that you “need to lose weight before my photoshoot,” I am known for posing my clients in ways that can shape your body better than Spanx and even take 5-10lbs off! So sorry love, that excuse doesn’t work here. Whether you are a size 2 or 32, you need to get your cute buns in front of my camera.

In addition to knowing exactly how to direct you and that gorgeous bod of yours through your photoshoot, I also incorporate elements of my branding and social media education during your Lifestyle Branding experience. Depending on what type of package you choose, there are opportunities to work with my directly to learn how to truly define your brand and learn HOW TO USE their custom image library for social media marketing - and this my friend is something that is exclusive to my Lifestyle Branding experiences.


Lifestyle Branding experiences start at $500 and go up from there depending on your needs. Check out the package options below and let’s schedule a time to chat, so I can learn about your goals and recommend the best option for you!




THE Boss | $1,200*

Branding Audit + Consult Call ($99 Value)

30 Min Photoshoot Vision Consult Call

Full Day Photoshoot
Professional Hair and Makeup for 2
Up To 10 Outfits // Up to 5 People

15% off future photoshoots or education

75+ Images



30 Min Photoshoot Vision Consult Call

2 Locations // 4 Hour Shoot
Up to 6 Outfits // Up to 3 People

10% off future photoshoots or education

50 Images
(with the option to purchase more)


THE inspire | $500*

30 Min Photoshoot Vision Consult Call

1 Location // 2 Hour Photoshoot
Up to 3 Outfits // 1 Person

25 Digital Images
(with the option to purchase more)

ADD PRO HAIR + MAKEUP: Starting at $135

*pricing subject to change without notice and does not reflect studio, travel/destination photoshoots or a la carte options.

A la carte options: more time, more images, professional hair and makeup are available for an additional fee.


are you located outside of the Greater Seattle Area?
Do you need a customized Photoshoot?


Have Bags, Will Travel

I am often on location in different cities across the globe, and offer competitive pricing for travel/destination Lifestyle Branding Photoshoot experiences. Don’t let “travel fees” scare you away. You may be pleasantly surprised how budget friendly your package could be!

I am available to travel worldwide, so we can get our Lifestyle Branding on whether you are in Paris, France or Paris, Texas!


Needing something a little different? We can work together to create a shoot that is specific to your needs/goals!

Let’s set up a time to chat, so I can learn all about you, your fantastic business and photoshoot vision! I am excited to create a custom quote that perfectly fits your goals and budget!

Yay! I’m breaking out my sweet 1980’s dance moves just thinking about it!



“Kelsey is very professional, thorough, prepared, organized, and great at coaching her clients and making them feel comfortable in front of the camera. She pays close attention to detail, and as a result, has produced some incredible photos for my business that are perfectly on brand!”

- Rhiannon T. -


“Kelsey’s authenticity is the best - I have a love/hate relationship with portraits that are close up and straight on. But, somehow her photos of me make me feel beautiful and powerful…and even more ‘me’”

- Rae H. -